Making Your Own Meditation Technique

I have been meditating a very long time and, trust me, I have been there. I understand what it is like to sit quietly, almost begrudgingly, although I am fighting my head to give me access to my soul while my body struggles with an unrelenting itching above my forehead.

I understand.

However, it does not need to be that way! In fact, meditation does not need to be some other way, actually. Were you aware there a profusion of different kinds of meditation techniques? Were you aware that you may also (GASP) make your own? You can! And you probably need to, particularly in case you don’t have enough time for a course, a teacher or an educational video.

The simple idea behind meditation is stillness. It’s a route to something deeper inside you. It’s a journey to the distance between your head, in the base of the basin.

What do I mean by “basin?” I am referring to some line in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston:

There’s a basin from the brain where words float around on idea

* And thought on sight and sound.

* Then there’s a thickness of idea untouched by phrases,

* And, deeper, a gulf of formless feeling unaffected by thought.

Meditation is a route to that “gulf of formless sense,” those fires of mind which rest inside your spirit beyond sight and sound, ideas and words. It’s in this area you find true comfort, peace and your link to the Divine.

The best way to get there is your choice.

For beginners, I strongly imply guided meditations. Buy a CD or DVD that you are able to listen to and give yourself over to this job at hand is simply to meditate. Guided meditations take the how. The stress and preoccupation of whether you are doing it correctly can be disregarded as soon as you give yourself over to this individual’s voice who’s directing you. Be certain that you select ones where the narrator’s voice doesn’t annoy you, because that may be bothersome. Trust me. I am aware that experience nicely, also.